The Complete France Travel Guide: All You Need To Know Visiting France

The Complete France Travel Guide: All You Need To Know Visiting France

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Tourism in France

Why Visit France?

A Frenchman would find this question implausible. France is steeped in history and beauty, which makes it the world’s leading tourist destination since the end of the last century. 

Each of the French regions deserves to be discovered because of the diversity of their cultural, architectural, and culinary heritage.

Like the Tour de France, which pedals through the regions, your goal will not be the yellow jersey. Instead, your goal will be the tracks that will take you to the most beautiful French sites. 

Starting with Paris, where charm operates with its emblematic neighborhoods and world-famous monuments. Enjoy the warmth and joy of the North and recharge your batteries. 

Brittany to breathe the sea air and eat well. By traveling west, you can visit Nantes, Bordeaux, and the pearl of Aquitaine, then explore the entire southern part of France, from the waves of the Atlantic to Biarritz, passing by Toulouse, the Pyrenees near Spain, and then the splendor of Montpellier and Marseille, before finishing in the sun on Cannes and Nice.

Having jumped over to Corsica, it will only be necessary to travel up the Alps to Lyon, have a taste of the best wines of Burgundy, and finish in Alsace, on the outskirts of Germany, and the beautiful city of Strasbourg.

Activities In France

What to visit in France:

Paris: Paris is a must, but it is only the gateway to France with a thousand faces. An entrance door to visit without a doubt: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe on top of the Louvre Museum, sées, but also the many gardens that green the City of Light. 

Visit the districts of Montmartre with its Sacré-Coeur and its “village” spirit, Saint-Michel, the banks of the Seine, and the various nearby canals, go shopping on the Grands Boulevards, and enjoy being on-site to taste French gastronomy as we know it. You won’t be bored in the capital!

But French heritage is not only concentrated in Paris… the French regions each have their own charm and their (sometimes hidden) treasures:

The North: The northern part of France is rich in heritage. Located at the crossroads of Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, Lille and its old center, Arras and its Flemish style, Roubaix and its mythical cobblestones, the Normandy coasts and Mont-Saint-Michel, as well as the warm spirit of the northerners, will make you forget about this miracle of nature.

Brittany: Heading west, you will not miss the beaches of Saint-Malo. In this region with a strong identity, you will discover the city of Rennes with its different squares, the Pointe du Raz, at the very end of France, and Brest and its port.

The Atlantic Coast: On your way to Nantes, nicknamed the Venice of the West, you will pass through Brittany and the Basque Country. 

Bordeaux, city of wonders with its Haussmann architecture, and not far from there Rocamadour classified as a World Heritage Site, the Arcachon basin, and the dune of Pilat (highest dune in Europe).

The spirit of the South-West: From Biarritz and Bayonne, you will have in view the Pyrenees, and Spain not far away, before arriving in Toulouse and its Capitol, to taste the Cassoulet, specialty of the area. 

Before arriving in Montpellier, do not forget the nearby city of Carcassonne.

The South between Spain and Italy: On this wide axis overlooking the Mediterranean, the South of France offers advantageous weather. 

You will not be able to miss Perpignan and Montpellier, dynamic and young cities, perfect for entertaining you. Nîmes and Avignon are unmissable, with their Roman origins, and listed monuments worthy of Ancient Rome.

The Notre-Dame de la Garde in Marseille and the creeks of Cassis are only marvels. Finish your route from the South through Cannes, Saint-Tropez, and Nice, with a little diving, or some parties in the best clubs.

The Italian and Swiss borders: Close to the Alps and its ski slopes, you can swim (in summer) in Lake Annecy, and opt for a weekend in the city of Gonnes, in Lyon.

The East: After perhaps a detour to Geneva, you will aim for the wines of Burgundy and Alsace. Belfort, Mulhouse, and finally Strasbourg will be your starting points. 

The latter, nicknamed “European capital” because of its multiple European institutions, has an important architectural and cultural heritage. Nearby, Metz and Nancy, at the gates of Belgium, are not to be missed.

Corsica: Often unjustly forgotten, because isolated from the mainland, Corsica bears its little nickname: the island of beauty. 

The island is not short of breathtaking places of beauty, including Ajaccio and Bastia, as well as Porto Vecchio, Calvi, Corte, Bonifacio, and Saint-Florent.

French gastronomy: Being entirely part of French culture, cuisine, in any region and city whatsoever, is not to be omitted, both to animate your taste buds and to taste good things.

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